We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your hard work on cleaning up our water damage. From the moment of our first call until the last blower was unplugged, you have been nothing but kind, caring and professional. While we have a long road ahead until our house is repaired,  your clean-up efforts have got us back on the right track. Again thanks to you all for a job well done.

Simon & Monica Masias,

Just wanted to let you know that the project by Baxter Construction is completed to our satisfaction. Thank you so much for recommending them. They were very professional, excellent communication, and took a lot of pride in their work. We will be recommending them if anyone needs their services.

Kim & Doug,

Thanks for the awesome job that you and your crew did in remodeling our home!! We love how it turned out.

I would like to tell you that Adam was wonderful to work with. His competent skill level and attention to detail in completing tasks was extraordinary. He was an excellent communicator and kept me updated on the progress of our project. Adam had a positive attitude about doing the job well in the way that we wanted it done, and was patient and determined until he successfully did so. I appreciated his honest feedback, and along with the aforementioned qualities, I trusted his evaluations of how things needed to be done. This in turn generalized to us also trusting Baxter Construction. Good work, Adam!

Thanks to you, Adam, and the Baxter crew for a job well done.

Chani Phillips,

We were looking for a quality contractor to take on a total custom update/remodel of our Yakima home, and to construct a new stand-alone garage. Before selecting Baxter Construction, we spent almost a full year deliberating. We attended the annual Tour of Homes, the Home Show, talked to company owners, and checked with friends, people we knew, and some we didn’t know. Whenever I mentioned Baxter, the overwhelming response was that they were the best. We first heard about the high quality of their work, immediately followed by what a wonderful family they were, and how their trade experts demonstrated professionalism with the highest level of knowledge and skill in willingness to change plans and help us understand the process throughout the organization, but also their patience and willingness to change plans and help us understand the process throughout the entire 3 1/2 months we were working together was appreciated. Everyone equally demonstrated their ownership in the process. The sub-contractors they selected were of the same caliber. The final results FAR EXCEEDED our expectations. We have since used Baxter Handyman service for a small project and had the same great experience. They were extremely responsive and skilled. Thank you Baxter Construction and Handyman Service!

Jerry & Joli Deason,

Dear friends at Baxter,

We couldn’t have been pleased anymore then we were at the quality of your service to us.

After a small crisis like we experienced after the fire damage to our home, it was comforting to have kind, understanding and efficient folks to come in and bring the problem an excellent solution.

We were so glad I thought to call Standard Paint for their recommendation for a reputable company to help us. I’m writing Lisa from there, also.

We have never in all our soon 69 years of marriage received a surprise thank you from a service company. (The brownies were moist and good).

May God bless and continue to prosper each employee.

Pat & Harley Drollinger,

After a very large tree fell on my house, the insurance adjuster suggested Baxter Construction. Having never worked with a contractor before and having heard more than a few cautionary stories, I was concerned how the process and relationship would go, but I am so impressed with every aspect of this company! The repairs were both interior and exterior, so there have been a number of workers inside and outside of my house. Without exception, every person who’s come to my home has been professional, personable, attentive to detail, and easy to work with. This is true for both Baxter’s own employees and the subcontractors they hire. They’ve all been top notch. The quality and efficiency of the work has been beyond my expectations. The responsiveness to all of my concerns has been remarkable for speed and attentiveness. Working with Baxter has been an excellent experience! It’s a first-rate company with first-rate people. I would absolutely hire them again and would recommend them to others without reservation. Email sent from one of our customers to their insurance company.

WI Warren,

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a pleasure it has been working with Baxter Construction to repair the water damage our house recently suffered.

Each crew who handled their phase of the project was extremely knowledgeable and professional in completing their work. Throughout the various stages, every Baxter employee or sub-contractor kept us informed of exactly what they were doing and what needed to be done as well as providing us with accurate timelines for the scheduled work.  All of our questions were answered in extreme detail and in terms that we could understand.  

Another area that Baxter Construction really stood head and shoulders above the rest would be in the consideration of their customers.  Each employee was so careful and considerate of our home and they went way beyond the call of duty to minimize any inconvenience for us.  On more than one occasion, I had the feeling that the crews treated our home as if it were their own.

I did want to single out a few who really were exceptional.  Tyler and Alex were great young men to work with.  The work they did to dry out the damaged areas was incredible. They helped turn a very unfortunate incident into one that didn’t seem so bad.  Harley was amazing!  He discovered additional damage and repaired each to as good as new.  It was also a pleasure working with Carlos and Angel of Melvin’s to do the tile and backsplash.  The kitchen is absolutely gorgeous and Carlene loves it.  My apologies if I am incorrect on his name but I think it was Brandon (?)  who did the detail work on the baseboards and carpet.  He went so far out of his way to do his work “just right”!  He took it on his own initiative to stop at Home Depot before he arrived to have just the right piece of baseboard to make the job PERFECT.  That level of craftsmanship and customer care is hard to find.  And it is extremely appreciated.  Last, but definitely not least is Tracy.  His attention to detail and his ability to get things done was amazing.  He is a very busy man with is clearly evident by the amount of calls he would receive from work crews and vendors.  But, even with multiple distractions, he would stay focused  on our house and he would never leave until the job was done.   He was my main contact point and I’m sure I was a pest on more than one occasion.  I sure hope I didn’t inadvertently leave anyone one out.  My apologies if I did.

This project was a “win- win.”  Not only did we get a beautiful kitchen, breakfast nook, hallway and bathroom….. but I also got a few new and great golfing buddies!!

Bruce & Carlene,

Thank you for making a difficult situation – pleasant!

The Johnson's,

From the initial meeting with Brice to the final walk-through with Tyler, working with Baxter Construction was a pleasure.  We were so pleased with the professionalism of everyone associated with this job.  Tyler is a huge asset to the company, from his efforts to keeping us informed on what was going on, his helpfulness, and his willingness to do everything possible to make the job go smoothly, and to keep us happy.  I’m sorry I don’t know the names of the others who worked on our job, but to a man, they were professional, helpful, and pleasant to have around.  

We will definitely recommend Baxter Construction to our friends, and look forward to working with you again in the future.

Susan & John,

We had to have a bathroom completely restored/remodel after a flood. Dealing with insurance was a pain. It was a relief to turn it all over to Heath Sandall at Baxter Construction. Baxter was referred to us and I see why. Heath took expert control and even negotiated more money from the insurance company than I had previously had. He was always available for a call or text. I felt listened to and respected. The team he hired were excellent. So kind and respectful, plus happily endured the millions of questions from my interested children. My bathroom is beautiful! I am so pleased to have worked with Baxter!

Stephanie S.,