Thanks again for being so understanding and easy to work with in a very difficult time in our lives! Please feel free to forward this on to anyone else who might like to read it. 🙂

Last Friday at about 9:30am, I went into our basement and discovered the carpet was very wet. Upon further examination I realized there was standing water in our storage room, which was a cement floor, and it had leaked out to the carpet in other rooms in the basement. I called my husband to come home and help me, and I began to try and soak up the water with towels and then tried using the shop-vac. We finally decided we needed more help, and your company was suggested to us. My husband called around lunchtime, and by 1pm we had a crew at our house.

Really long story short…Nickie and Kyle were at my house for 5+ hours. They didn’t stop working the entire time. They were professional and polite (even with me hovering, watching, and asking a million questions). They literally pumped water out of my crawl space for an hour! They were persistent and got the job done. They called in the plumbers when needed.

Nickie and Kyle came back on Monday with Brandon and the tear out began. The basement was hot and muggy from the dehumidifier, but they didn’t complain. They carefully moved things around so they could rip out carpet. They worked together to move the heavy items. They were obviously well trained.

Nickie is just amazing. She was the first one in the crawl space checking things out. She professionally guided Kyler through the job so that everything was just so. She is the one who cut and removed the drywall as the guys removed carpet. I never saw her stop moving the entire time. She communicated with me when needed. She texted before she came, and she also texted me to let me know when she left. (I had to leave for an appointment before they were done). Good communication should always  be something a customer can expect, but in reality we all know that is just not the case, so her communication was really appreciated.

Kyle is a great asset to your company. I know he is new, but he’s obviously been trained well. He was kind and compassionate to me in his comments. (It’s going to be okay. That’s what we are here for. Just let us take care of this for you.) He worked hard the whole time and took directions well. He’s a good one, and I hope you keep him in your company.

Brandon is also a very hard worker. I never saw him stop working either. He was persistent and focused on his work. He also did a good job guiding Kyler through his carpet removal.

When they left, everything was neat and cleaned. On the first day,  Nickie was wiping up mud from the wall and on the floor. That was unexpected since I know they’d have to go in and out of the crawl space some more and make a mess on Monday, but there she was cleaning up. During the carpet removal, there were carpet fibers and pad chunks everywhere, but when I came home, everything on the floor had been cleaned up. Again, one would expect that, but it doesn’t always happen; their hard work was very appreciated.

In all, I just want you to know that despite our terrible situation, working with Baxter Construction has been amazing. I already put something on Facebook to spread the word, and many people have commented that they’ve also had a good experience with the company. Congrats on working with such a great team. I hope to never need your help again, but if I do, I will not hesitate to call Baxter again. I am optimistic that the crew who comes to put my basement back together will also be amazing. The bar has been set high by Nickie and her crew! 🙂