Auto Draft

June and I would like to let you know how much you, and your company have done for all of us after our house fire. Back in 1980, we had a fire in a house, and found ourselves in a battle with the insurance company. It was the worst experience a person could ever have.

Once again on July 24th, 2015, while out of town, we received a call that our house had caught fire. We returned home to find the second story had burned, and the main floors had smoke and water damage. After contacting the insurance company and informing them that we preferred your company to rebuild our house, we were contacted by Heath Sandall who was there on every step of the job. This house was built in 1898 to 1900 so there were many things June and I would not have, when we found out we were underinsured  for rebuilding a historic house. But, Heath’s knowledge of the home building industry, and experience in working with insurance companies was what got our house rebuilt to the condition it is in today. June and I are so happy with the way the house is today, and the quality of the workmanship of your employees is what made it happen. June and I would go through the house every day and come up with ideas and then change our minds on colors and finishes, but your employees would do whatever we decided. They were always pleasant and did what was needed to make June and myself very happy.

Over the next ten-moth period it took to rebuild we had a couple of problems, and a few things I wasn’t happy with. But just a call to Heath or Tracy was all that was needed to fix it. There was work that Ryan and Josh did on the finish work that turned out better than we could have ever hoped for. All of your employees had a great attitude, and greeted June & I each day. From Ryan asking how I was feeling, to Miguel telling us goodnight. The only regret that June and I have is that we had so many things going on in our lives this year that we never had the time we wanted to have your family and employees that worked on the house over for a barbecue, to thank each one of you for a job well done.

Thank you again.