Auto Draft

We are writing to commend crew members of Baxter Construction who worked at our home recently. A leak emanating from an overhead humidifier in the attic caused considerable damage to our living and dining rooms. After consulting with our Pemco Insurance agent, we selected Baxter as the firm to repair the damages.

We found the wallboard applicators, painters, carpet layers, etc. to be high-quality craftsmen. Each was polite and hard-working, presenting well-honed sense of social interaction with us throughout the process. They were friendly, thorough and trustworthy. Since we were away from Yakima several times during the repairs, these qualities were reassuring, and we give all the craftsmen who worked at our home highest marks for their professionalism.
We want to single out two employees who represent Baxter’s commitment to excellence – Heath Sandall and Wes Brulotte – and here’s why. Heath takes your clients up to 20,000 feet and reviews the scope of the project on a global basis. He informs clients of the realities that will most likely affect their serenity; things like how long it will take to dry-out the damaged wall; what the flow of the project will entail and the timeline to expect; how long it might take for a replacement carpet to arrive, etc. Good stuff to know in advance. Thanks Heath!
Wes was the perfect foreman for our dilemma. He was incredibly organized, attentive to even the most intricate details and made the whole mess in our damaged home endurable. He has great people skills with clients – and with his fellow employees, as well. His facility to communicate the linear steps that Heath told us would unfold is a fine quality, and we appreciate the many, many times he checked-in with us to provide updates and information. Thanks Wes!
Please feel free to share these comments with other prospective clients, and if it helps we would be happy to open our home to show how expertly our home was restored.