Auto Draft

After a very large tree fell on my house, the insurance adjuster suggested Baxter Construction. Having never worked with a contractor before and having heard more than a few cautionary stories, I was concerned how the process and relationship would go, but I am so impressed with every aspect of this company! The repairs were both interior and exterior, so there have been a number of workers inside and outside of my house. Without exception, every person who’s come to my home has been professional, personable, attentive to detail, and easy to work with. This is true for both Baxter’s own employees and the subcontractors they hire. They’ve all been top notch. The quality and efficiency of the work has been beyond my expectations. The responsiveness to all of my concerns has been remarkable for speed and attentiveness. Working with Baxter has been an excellent experience! It’s a first-rate company with first-rate people. I would absolutely hire them again and would recommend them to others without reservation. Email sent from one of our customers to their insurance company.